HelloFresh Fail

I have had a really busy few weeks, which among other things involved starting a new job and forgetting my WordPress login details so apologies for the late post!

A few weeks ago now I decided to give a HelloFresh recipe ago. I love the idea of HelloFresh, sadly however they do not cater for my allergies so I have never tried one of their meal delivery boxes, I did however see a photo of their Herb & Mustard Chicken on facebook and thought I should give it ago.

The biggest issue with attempting to make a HelloFresh recipe yourself is that the ingredients list has things like ‘1 packet of chicken’ and ‘1 bag of shredded cabbage’ which meant that I had to really guess what the quantities are. For this recipe I used about 1/2 a red cabbage and 500g of chicken thighs.

First up I got the potatoes boiling with the skins on and popped the chicken in the oven. All seemed easy. I then went to shred the cabbage and realised what a noob I still am when it comes to cooking. For some reason I assumed that you used a grater to shred cabbage, luckily I was fast instructed that this was not the correct way to fo things and learnt about the wonderful and terrifying mandoline slicer. Thankfully no fingers were lost.

I then went to making the mustard sauce, the recipe says ‘1 unit lemon’ and I took this to mean the juice of one whole lemon, now looking back at my end product and the HelloFresh picture I definitely used to much. My sauce was more like a salad dressing.

 Cabbage & Carrots 2

Meanwhile the cabbage and carrots were coming along pretty well, although in the end I think I over cooked the cabbage and undercooked the carrots. I added the butter to the potatoes while I was mashing them rather than adding at the end like the recipe suggested, but this meant I totally forgot to add the parsley.


As you can see from the plated dish this dinner looked super average and it didn’t taste much better. The cabbage and carrots were tasty but could not rescue the rest of the dish nor my sad salad dressing sauce. I also was not a fan of the mash, personally I like my mash to be creamy but this was a lumpy mess thanks to leaving on the skins. I think if I am going to attempt a HelloFresh recipe in the future I will do so with a lot more caution.

What I leant:

  • Dont grate cabbage
  • Mandoline slicers are amazing and dangerous
  • HelloFresh recipes are vague AF