Baked spinach and pumpkin couscous

Right now I am at Sydney International Airport patiently waiting for the check in counter to open up before I can check in. I always get super anxious about travelling overseas and like to give myself lots of time to get to the airport because Sydney traffic can be a nightmare. Today however the traffic was fine and I now have to wait another hour before I can even check into my flight. So here I am, picture of a millennial, with a glass of wine, laptop out and writing a blog 😛

Earlier this week I decided to try a recipe from Michelle Bridges ‘no excuses’ cookbook. When flipping through her recipes I came across a really delicious sounding chicken recipe but then realised that is all I have made so far and didn’t want anyone thinking I have some weird obsession with chicken (although I totally do it’s so versatile and delicious). This was the first vegetarian meal I found in the book and it looked really tasty so I decided to give it ago. You can find a link to this recipe here

I actually managed to learn something from my previous cooking attempt and remembered to take a photo of the ingredients the night before so I knew what to look for when I went to the shops after work. Despite my new found organisational skills I still managed to forget a key ingredient (passata) and had to send someone out to grab a bottle while I was cooking.

Because I was making this dish on a weeknight I let myself be a bit lazy and bought pre-cut pumpkin from the supermarket. I got a 500g bag even though the recipe said it only needed 200g but really can anyone have too much pumpkin? I think not. Again because I was being lazy I just grabbed a bag of spinach rather than weighing it out and ended up with a 60g bag rather than 40g. I figured since I increased the amount pumpkin I might as well use the whole bag of spinach too and so the amounts in this recipe were completely ignored. The only issue here was that I didn’t choose a big enough bowl to mix everything together


I think the best part about this dish was that because I had to cook the pumpkin before mixing everything cooking it at the end didn’t take very long at all. Once everything was mixed and I had added the passata, and because quantities had been made up so far I also didn’t bother measuring this out and used about 2/3rd of a jar but I did forget to add in the garlic. To fix this I just grabbed a jar of garlic powder and sprinkled it over the top before adding cheese.


Overall this was a great recipe. I like that I completely messed up the quantities but because it was so simple it really didn’t matter at all and the final product tasted awesome.

What I learnt:

  • Unlike when baking, proportions are not always important in cooking (although time will tell how true this is)
  • You can never have too much pumpkin (did I learn this? maybe more of a philosophy)
  • Always choose a bigger bowl for mixing

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